Where has integrity gone

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Have you ever heard people brag about how they fibbed a little and got the best end of a deal? The storyteller makes himself look like the smart guy and the victim the dummy. This kind of story you mighthear at the local “coffee hole,” where people gather to sip coffee and exchange gossip laced with tales that bring eruptions of laughter around the table. One man tells of fibbing to the police officer and getting out of a ticket.Another boasts of collecting a little extra insurance by pointing to prior damage on a vehicle—damage that was not a part of the accident being investigated. Someone relates that he bought a gift for his girlfriend and claimed itas a business expense.In an interview on Fox News, a well-known, influential newscaster told the nation, “You can be an honest person and lie about any number of things.” Lying and cheating have become common practice for many people. Is thisa laughing matter, or does it represent a serious decline in moral standards? Is dishonesty just a clever way to get ahead, or will it lead to a bitter harvest for our society


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